Worrall Festival Friday Night Concert

cropped-banner2014withyflogo1.jpgWorrall Festival kicks off this year on July 4th with a Friday night concert at the Worrall Memorial Hall.

7:30pm – Bad Cardigan https://www.facebook.com/badcardigan

8:30pm – Vic Shepard & John Bowden

9:30pm – Jack’s Rake http://www.jacksrake.co.uk/

Come see these amazing musicians and grab yourself a pint of real ale or cider while your there!




Supplied by Ciderman UK

For all you cider fans…
We will be serving 5 ciders & 1 perry at Worrall Festival in July:

Newton Court Hereford Redstreak Med Sweet 5.9%
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Celtic Warrior Med Sweet 5.5%
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Welsh Warrior Medium 6.0%
Worleys Farmhouse Medium 6.5%
Wilcox Farmhouse Dry 6.5%
Newton Court Winnals Longdon Perry Dry 5.3%

New act confirmed!


The talented Richard Brown has been confirmed for Saturday July 5th at 5:30pm! Follow the link above to give him a listen!

Banners up!

Banners up!

Worrall Festival & Gala banners are now being displayed! Only 23 days to go before the big weekend!

New act confirmed


Brave New Storm

Brave New Storm, an indie-folk band from Sheffield, has been confirmed for Saturday July 5th at 7:30pm! Follow the link above to listen to their latest tracks!

Worrall Gala & Festival Flyers

IMG_2581aWorrall Gala & Festival Flyers

Worrall Gala & Festival flyers are now being circulated! Have you seen any out and about yet?

Open Mic Session with Dave Friskney


Calling all budding musicians and seasoned pros! Saturday July 5th is our Open Mic Session hosted by Dave Friskney! Here is your chance to jump on stage and show everyone your talent! The session will run from 6:00pm till 8:00pm. It is informal and friendly and all are welcome!




Sheffield based indie band Clockwork Owls are confirmed for Saturday July 5th at 4:45 pm! Visit their Facebook to listen to some tracks!

Le Tour Sculpture Building In Worrall

Le Tour Sculpture Building In Worrall

Join us throughout June to create a fantastic bike themed sculpture to commemorate the Tour de France racing through Worrall. Young, old, artistic or not you can have a hand in creating this amazing piece of public art.

Join Robin and Sara, our two Worrall based professional artists, as they guide us through simple and practical creative activities to produce our unique artwork. Drop in and stay for as long as you like – 10 minutes, half an hour or all day – we’d love everyone in Worrall to have a hand in it!

7 & 8 June – deconstruction

Come along and deconstruct the bikes that will form the sculpture

14, 21 & 22 June – creation

This is where it happens – join us to create your Worrall sculpture

10am – 4pm at Worrall Memorial Hall, Towngate Road, Worrall

Questions? Contact Robin on 07989 591009 or Sara on 07855 270722

Project sponsors:
Robin & Sara Widdowson, Hillsborough Steel Stock Ltd, Rollmaster Rings Ltd, Veolia Ltd, Gripple Ltd, Ashurst Fabrications Ltd, Jewel Construction Ltd, MKM Building Supplies, Nick Clegg (MP), Martin Evans Associates, 3M Buckley Innovation Centre




Bad Cardigan, an acoustic duo from Lancashire, is confirmed for our Friday concert the 4th of July at 7:30pm! You can hear their music, see their upcoming gigs and watch their performance videos on their Facebook page